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Upload File

Module where you can upload files to process multiple forecast requests.


Main Menu

In this section you can search for multiple companies at a time.


Upload file

Download/Upload buttons


Download & Upload buttons

Download Template

  1. Click on the Download Template button in order to download a CSV file with the required headers (for more information about the template headers, refer to CSV Headers ). https://relativity6-docs.readme.io/docs/csv-headers

  2. Fill the CSV template with the required information of the companies you want to search. Only Name column it´s mandatory.

Upload New File

  1. Click on the Upload New File to open next box:

Upload new file

  1. Drag and drop the CSV you filled before or click inside the pink area to select it from your files.

  2. Optional. Insert a client name in case you need it.

  3. Click the Upload file button.


We highly recommend uploading a max of 10,000 companies per CSV in order to get the best performance.

Once the file is uploaded, it will be added to the list with status Processing . It will take a while for the API to process all of the companies specified, depending on the amount. You can leave this screen and come back anytime to check the status of your file.

Once all companies are processed, your file status will change to finished and you will be able to download the results in CSV files of 10,000 records each.

Clicking on the element corresponding to the file to download, it will be displayed and will contain files of 10,000 records each, clicking on the three points will display a submenu in which you will be able select the data you need, if there are records with processing errors, they will appear in a separate list.


User download file by chunks