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Sign up for the Industry Classification UI

To register a user with us, follow the steps described below:

1. Register your email

Go to the Web platform main page and click Sign up

Insert your email address in the field displayed and click sign up

2. Confirm your email account

Open your mailbox and open the email we sent you

Click the link in the email body in order to be redirected to the platform

Create a password for your account following the requirements described

3. Wait for activation

Once you verified your email, there is one last thing left to do. Our team will activate your account so you can start using the API. Once your account is activated you will receive an email notifying you that everything is ready. After that, you will be able to sign in to the web platform and make requests to any of the endpoints.

4. Sign in with your credentials

Go back to the main page and enter your email and password to go to your dashboard. There you will find your Token id and endpoints to start making requests as well as some other features.

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