Potential errors

The most common error messages you could find when sending a request to our API with explanations and possible workarounds.

HTTP Status Codes

200OKStandard response for successful API request
400Bad RequestThe server cannot process the request due to a malformed request syntax
403ForbiddenThe user token may not have the necessary permissions to make API request
404Not FoundThe API endpoint you are trying to reach does not or exist or is misspelled
405Method not allowedThe API knows the request method, but it doesn´t support this method.
500Internal Server ErrorA generic error message due a internal communication error

Error Messages

Sample error responses

Invalid Token

  "message":"The token provided is invalid"

Search limit reached

  "message":"Company search limit reached. Searches done: 1000 / 1000"

Search request failed

  "message":"Search request failed"
API too busy, please try againThe predictor is processing too many requests at the same timeTry again later, if the problem persists, contact with support at [email protected]
The field [name] is requiredThe company name is missing in the requestProvide the company name under the “name” field
The field [token] is requiredThe user token is missing in the requestYou have to provide your unique API Token in the request
The token provided is invalidThe token you provided is invalidMake sure your API Token is correct. If the problem persists, contact with support
Company search limit reachedYou have reached the limit of requests you are allowed to makeContact support at [email protected]
Search request failedAn unexpected error happened when trying to process your requestTry again later, if the problem persists, contact with support at [email protected]

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