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This section shows a general summary of the requests made by the user.


Main Menu

API Information

Once you have logged in, at the top of the main page you can see your token ID, with this identifier you can make API requests.


Token ID


In the upper part of the graph there are different fields in which filters can be applied to perform the search.


Request Fields


In order to refresh the search you need to push the button on the right side.


Refresh button

Field Description: https://relativity6-docs.readme.io/docs/filters-v2

On Request section you will find a graph which shows the history of the requests made by user:

  • The green line indicates the total requests made to the API
  • The blue line shows the requests that were charged
  • The gray line indicates that the requests is free of charge.

API Information

Request by Version

At the bottom of the chart you will see the requests made to the different Predictor´s version. Legacy and V4 Prediction are homologate in the Total.


Request by Versión