Getting Started with the NAICS Industry Classification API

This page will help you get started with NAICS Industry Classification API. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to Relativity6 6-digit NAICS Industry Classification API! Let's get you up and running.

To use this API, a registered token and URL is required to make requests to the Platform. If you want to know how to get your own API Token go to the Sign Up section.

If you want to learn how to make a request to our API go to the REST API Native Connection section and make an API call using an API test tool such as Postman or cURL.

You can also find code examples at Code Examples so you can get started implementing our API in your projects.

Technical notes


To obtain accurate predictions of business sectors, companies and their possible commercial relationships based on NAICS codes.

To achieve this, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to predict the business sector of companies

The presented system uses an API (Application Programming Interface) that establishes the connection with the Relativity6 system that performs the analysis and classification of NAICS codes and delivers the prediction by the same means.


Our API It will help companies that need customers in a certain way, significantly reducing search times and market research, they could have the sectors and company turns in less than 3 seconds with high accuracy.

To achieve this, Relativity6 will deliver:

Unique credentials.

Tokens for each interaction.

Needs for use

A stable Internet connection and a library or tool that allows REST connections (Representational State Transfer).

Relativity6 will provide an active token for interactions.


The main risk is obtaining wrong predictions, which can be avoided by making correct use of this manual.

The machine will return error messages when the input data is not correct, for example: Invalid Token (when the Token is incorrect), Company name required (when the company does not receive a value in the name) or Prediction output fetched successfully (If everything is in order).

Access token

To use the platform, we provide you with your exclusive token for your company.


You need your own token to successfully run examples

All the examples in the following user manual use a test token, in order to obtain the true results, in the API calls you must replace the token of the examples with the one provided in the section above.